Cross-Over: Episode 2: Escaped and Reentered


[Previously on Cross-Over: Episode 1:  Mike Ross was behind bars and Michael Scofield was sent to him by Harvey for braking out Mike out of prison because Fortsman had set a target on Mike’s back. Help from France was also coming… and now story continues]

Cross-Over: Episode 2: Escaped and Reentered

An exquisite blare of alarm spread through silent air of the prison yard. The darkness of the night was seized by the red light hovering over the yard.  Mike Ross and Michael Scofield got up in a glance. Both were stunned by looking at the view outside their cell. All the guards were deployed to escort every prisoner to the assembly area. They all were looking in very crossed mood.

Mike’s head was bursting out of thoughts. It’s been just a few hours before Scofield forewarned him about the target on his back placed by Fortsamn. This may be a plot to kill him between this hustle and if that is the case he is not going down easily, Mike thought. He turned towards Scofield for help but he was also with his as usual stern face possibly calculating every possibility of what is going to happen next.

“This is not merely a coincidence…” Scofield started. “This kind of alarm went off for only two reasons during my prison time”, Scofield paused for a moment and looked to Mike. Mike was scared to death but somehow keeping his cool to think logically.

“If someone escaped or murdered”, Scofield finished.

“Well, definitely if we do not remain precautious then that dead body is going to be mine”, Mike was exaggerating his fear.

“But why risk such a hustle if you can kill silently… unless there is a chance of …” Scofield stopped instantly. A myriad glow of understanding ran through his face. Mike was in total dilemma about Scofield’s state of mind but before he can ask about what it is that blowing Scofiled’s mind away; two guards came into their cell and pushed them in the line of prisoners going out to assembly area.

“What is it Scofiled? What kind of killer I am looking at? Come on you got to give me something here. You are the maestro of criminal minds” Mike relentlessly asked to Scofield who was walking behind him in the line. Mike was continuously looking all over his shoulder to look out for a killer.

“Don’t panic Mike. This is it. As Sherlock said ‘Consider every possibility and then eliminate the impossible and what remains is nothing but the truth’, in this case the truth means Au Revoir for us” Scofield said in silent voice.

Mike’s genius brain was not getting any of this but one thing he understood that Scofield is saying goodbye to him but why? He was supposed to get him out of here unless there is no need of that anymore. May be this are the last few breaths of his remaining pedestrian life. Mike’s heart was pounding out of his chest.

All prisoners were counted and searched. No caveat thing emerged from any prisoner. Mike also lost the track of Scofield in the way and now both of them were separated in that group of prisoners. This is strange, Mike thought. If no one escaped then the alarm is for only one reason which is his inevitable death. He was totally haywire during his return trip to prison cell. Every second he was expecting a blow from any side to shred him into pieces.


But peculiarly nothing happened on his return trip. When he reached his cell he saw Scofield was already there hiding under the shadow of a corner, seating silently. Door of the prison buzzed off.

“I thought you were smarter than me”, Mike started to scold Scofield. “Now I am thinking otherwise. You are supposed to help me here but instead you are derailing me from my logic. What was this whole scene about? Do you have any goddamn idea?” Mike was more furious on himself then Scofield because he was not getting a clear picture of events.

“Rule number one of being smart is that never think that you are the smartest person in the room.” a lucrative voice emerged from the corner where Mike was supposedly thinking Scofield. But he knows this inveigle voice. He has seen the proprietor of this cunning voice stealing Nazi’s treasure, defeating the Pink Panthers and allegedly get killed in New York.

“Michael Ross, It’s a pleasure”, the man came out of shadows and raise a hand towards Mike.

His blue eyes were shining in the wee light of the prison. As usual his coaxed smile is all over his face. The man had his own charms.

“Neal Caffery, the most deceptive but smartest man of country” Mike shook hand with Neal with a relieved smile.

“Allegedly” Neal corrected Mike with smile.

And then a glare of understanding came on Mike’s face. Now he understood the whole concept of events which has just happened.

“I see you have got answers to your question you were asking me a minute earlier.” Neal also saw the glare on Mike’s face.

“This was not a murder plan. This was also not just an escape. This was escape and readmission. Scofield’s been extracted and you took his place instead and that’s why the prisoner’s count remained intact. But here is what I don’t understand; I thought the three of us are going to break out but then why Scofield is not here?” Mike’s brain is counting all possibility.

“He’s been extracted out due to his urgent requirement in outer world. His new season’s trailer is out and hence his presence is of much essence there.  And besides that; there is not going to be any break. This is now seized and decease mission.” Neal shaded complete light on modified situation.

Mike didn’t get it. If they are not going to break out then how can he survive a fatal attack in prison? Before he can think anymore Neal gave him a letter.

“This is from Harvey. You will understand everything” Neal said.

Mike felt safer after listening Harvey’s name. It seems like ha haven’t seen him in forever. He started reading it.



I know that you are hanging there like a Luis’s Bruno but hey I have got some good news. I am working on your defense and there is a firm chance that you will be out of there in no time; LEGALLY! And now since John Snow is back with you, he will help you to survive there in the meantime. Until then buckle up, hang tight and enjoy the ride. Just remember how our life was like THIS and I liked THAT, this is that THAT.


Mike looked at the letter for some more time. He was down to stomach happy that he is going to be out of there but scared about meantime and how Neal is going to help him survive the killer.

“Harvey is a son of a bitch. Just look at this letter he is getting kick out of this.” Mike asked Neal.

“When a person write such kind of things it usually means he is hiding his fear for giving heads up to the other party”, Neal explained the real crux of Harvey’s mind.

“Well that’s not comforting at all”, Mike told Neal in tensed voice. “Now tell me, what our plan of survival is. You are going to be my watchdog, right?” Mike continued.

“At the moment Mozzy is accessing each and every prisoner’s detail and then we’ll cross check it with Fortsman allies and then will try to ping the killer inside the yard.” Neal gave up all his master plan.

“How the hell did Mozzy got an access to Prison’s database? Is he that good with computers?” Mike was in a bit ambush.

“He is not just good. He’s better. And trust me, after long time he is happy to work on a case opposite to fades.” Neal said describing the real Mozzy.

“So until then as Harvey said let’s just hold tight and enjoy the ride” Mike said with a great relief.

“Yeah, probably a good idea at the moment” Neal also approved. And then both went to sleep in the darkness.

#written by: Bhargav Lakhlani

#Characters Welcome