White Suits


“Sean Cahill”, a heavy sound of Peter Burke came as he entered the conference room.

“Sean Cahill, a hotshot at SEC is our new target and not just Sean only…” Peter paused for a moment and looked over all of the other’s apprehension at the conference table.
“Our targets are Sean Cahill and Harvey Spectre”, Peter finally revealed the suspense and took his seat.
“Ohh… You gotta be kidding me…Harvey Spectre? you want to go after Harvey Spectre?” John’s voice was filled with a feeling of complete surprise.
“The last time some official guy named Eric Woodall or something went after him, he almost lost his job and ended up in prison”, Diana was also full of concern.
“That’s the all more reason why I want to go after that son of a bitch. This morning we got an anonymous tip saying that Harvey Spectre and Sean Cahill might be colluding on their current case. And believe me, John…Diana, after the fall of Mike Ross case, I know this Sean Cahill might be a saint but Harvey is worth a target to chase for. What do you say Neal?” Peter was full of determination.
Neal Caffrey was standing by the corner with his as usual charms.
“Well, I think our success rate in The nineties has not been achieved by going after fellows like Luis Litt. If our tip is legit and rock solid then Washington will be on your doorstep I guess…” Neal was enjoying over the idea of picking a fight with someone as smart as him.
“Okey, then. Johns..You are on cahill. Diana, you got Harvey. Chek every communication, travel log, deposition transcripts since the beginning of this case. You know the drill. We can’t have another Mike Ross in New York. Neal you come with me” Peter cataloged work for everyone.
“Look we need to find solid evidence and hardcore proof against this people, so don’t poke the bear until it’s really needed”, Neal started consulting with Peter as they came out of the conference room.
“Well, I think the bear has already been poked. He is here”, Peter’s eye was on the door.
The great almighty Harvey Spectre was standing at the doorstep of the twenty-first floor of White Collar division. Peter Burke called him in his office.
“Peter Burke, the best candid officer FBI has ever seen, it’s a pleasure.”, Harvey raised his hand.
“Harvey Spectre, the best closure this city has ever seen, or so do they say”, Peter shook his hand.
“Well, it sounds like you seem to have doubt about my dignity,” Harvey asked.
“You know what I think? You would not even be here if you already have thought that earlier. So what is it gonna be Harvey? Confession or case, one, you are too proud to do and another you cannot afford. What do you think Neal?” Peter was enjoying this.
“Oh, I don’t think. I can deduce it.” Neal started. “The fact that he is standing here says lot more about his situation. He has just lost his most important limb. But for the record Harvey, I am a big fan of You and Mike Ross. You guys always remind me of Peter and me.” Neal strayed from the topic.
“Neal..”, Peter interrupted in between to control Neal’s whimsicalness.
“Alright, the fact that he came to us on the same day as we got a tip clearly indicated he knows the source and he also know that he is guilty of collusion. And he came during official hours when he knows that I’ll be here to smoothen the blow because he assumed that I might have empathy towards Mike Ross because we both are alleged criminals.” Neal knocked it out of the park.
“Okey hotshot, I also have heard about you and your smartness. You always think that you are the smartest person in the room but you must recalculate because now that I am also standing in the same room. And you said correctly, when I look at you, for a moment I think that I am looking at Mike and that’s the reason why I like u buddy”, Harvey also throttling with his ego.
“I’ll tell you this agent Burke, what sean and I did is anything but colluding, so why don’t you go ahead and pick this case but I guarantee you will end up dead in the water. And I can tell you right now that from where that anonymous tip came from. It was from Charles Fortsman, because he has settled his score with me by destroying my firm but he is now going after Sean Cahill to get revenge of Eric Woodall.”, Harvey tried to dominate the discussion.
“One thing I have understood about you agent Burke is that you also sometimes bend the rule to caught a criminal and put him away for good and as much as I hate to use it but…” Harvey gave an envelope from his jacket to Peter Burke.
“Have a nice day gentlemen. And Neal, Donna said hi to you. She is a big fan of yours” Harvey walked out with his as usual pride.
“Don’t get surprised if my anklet gets traced around the corner of Pearson Spectre Litt, Peter” Neal was gushing out with his smile. “What’s in the envelope by the way?”.
Peter opened the envelope and shocked.
“Son of a bitch knows about U-Boat scandal and our involvement in that. How the hell did he found out?” Peter was depressed now.
“Well, after all, he is HARVEY SPECTRE”, Neal said and closed the door.


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