When Tony Stark meets Harvey Specter



The sound of Audi’s engine stopped and Tony Stark stepped out of his car. He was as usual wearing his grey suit and his ego was all over his face. Although thing one can’t say from his outer disguise is that he was a bit afraid of the man he is about to meet. With one deep breath he finally entered the restaurant.

No one was inside. After all he booked the whole restaurant for this appointment so no one can disturb him. Waiter came and asked, “What would you like to have Sir?”

“This restaurant is famous for its sushi, sir” a digital voice of Jarvis murmured inside Stark’s com.

“No I am good” Stark replied in surprisingly polite voice to waiter. “We are not going to stay longer Jarvis. Where the hell is he? We are supposed to leave for our lecture at MIT in an hour.” Stark was now being anxious.

“I think you two have some common ground for following time schedule, sir” Jarvis replied in witty way.

“Remind me to rewrite your code Jarvis. Sometime I regret putting sense of humor in your programming…” Stark was repetitively staring at door.

Suddenly the door opened and a man entered the room. He was full of confidence, walking like a man who is about to kick some ass.

“You are infamous Tony Stark” the man said while shaking his hand with Stark.

“And you are Harvey Specter, Best closer this country may have ever seen and the man who is twenty minutes late so let…” Stark started in conceited way but Harvey stopped him.

“Let’s make one thing clear Tony. You may not know this but here is the thing. I don’t pave the way for people, people pave the way for me; be that Michel Jordan or Tony Stark” Harvey knocked out Tony from the ring in the first round.

“I know you are cocky but you are looking at the man who is about to give you billion dollar business deal. So you might want to play nice with me. After all you must know what I do with my enemies” Stark said and pushed button on his watch and suddenly three screens popped out of thin air around that watch.

On one screen Stark was driving the nuke to alien world. On another screen Stark’s Mack 42 was finishing off the Aldrich Killian and on third screen it was Stark and Captain America. Stark was observing the reaction of Harvey’s face to see if something’s changed or not. But Harvey was as calm as baby and smiling towards Stark.

“You may be tech genius Tony but I am a Man genius. I know you and the reason why you are here. So about that billion dollar deal you mentioned Tony, I just got it” Harvey was in his full form.

“Jarvis did you leaked any information?” Stark asked to Jarvis in mild voice but Harvey heard it anyway.

“I don’t have any warning of data breach, sir” Jarvis replied instantly.

“There is a warrant out to cease and capture of Ultron you created and obviously you can dodge whole US army in your sleep but Paper somehow convinced you to fight this battle legally. Next thing you did is put Jarvis on quest to find best lawyer in country and Harvey Specter’s name popped up on your screen, well Thank you Jarvis…” Harvey was enjoying his moments.

“Always a pleasure Mr. Specter and it was not best lawyer in just country; it was in the world” Digital voice of Jarvis came out of Stark’s Watch. Stark looked with very unpleasant way towards watch.

“You are going to rebooting mode today J” Stark said to Jarvis in cruel way.

“Anyway enough chitchat and showoff. You did your homework so let’s get to the point. What do you think? Do I stand any chance legally? Or I have to attack on whole pentagon to stop this.” Stark asked and stood up.

“Well we are the trademark of attitude and Ego In the world so showoff goes with it without saying” Harvey continued. “And to answer your question, Yes; since you have come to me there is no army in world which can take away your Ultron from you” Harvey said with confidence and also stood up.

Stark caught Harvey’s hand while shaking and asked, “Seriously Harv, How did you know all this thing if even Jarvis didn’t leak any information”.

Harvey was smiling in his head.

“You have your Jarvis Tony but I have Donna” Harvey dropped the hammer.

“After you scheduled this appointment one call to attorney general’s office and his secretary sang like Canary to donna. Besides that Paper and Donna are friends” Harvey finally revealed his secret.

Stark was astounded for a moment. “Our girl Fridays are ally?” he asked in surprising tone.

Stark and Harvey paused for a moment and then broke out in laughter.

“So I guess now I can wear one of those T-shirts saying HARVEY SPECTER IS MY LAWYER” Stark said while both started walking towards door.

“Don’t push it” Harvey replied with his infamous style.

“But about my legal fees, I might take one of your Iron man suit” Harvey said.

And then Stark turned towards Harvey’s face and said with his infamous style,

“I am the Iron Man”.

And then they were gone.

# by Bhargav Lakhlani

# Characters Welcome





5 thoughts on “When Tony Stark meets Harvey Specter

  1. Bhargave, really liked the depiction between Harvey and Tony. After seeing Harvey’s charisma, panache, attitude, I could think of two fictional characters who could go toe to toe with Harvey. Tony Stark (Rdj) and Sherlock Holmes (Benedict). You should think about writing fan fiction for hobby.

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